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VBA MDE: How It Works

Veterans receive disability exams through single-visit evaluations, using an electronic exam management tool.

Examinations begin with a review of the Veteran’s medical history as well as the Veteran’s self-reported current state of health prior to the appointment. This material, paired with the Veteran’s responses you collect during the exam, will then guide you through our worksheet-based protocols. Once the examination is complete, the results and subsequent diagnoses are populated directly into the Veteran’s record via LHI’s web service.

LHI is looking for health care providers who:

  • Will perform comprehensive disability exams
  • Are interested in working with Veterans
  • Are able to provide appointment scheduling within 24 hours of request
  • Are comfortable completing examination documentation online
  • Are willing to submit electronic records within 24 hours after completion of the exam

Participating providers will enjoy:

  • LHI's web-based exam tool, reducing paperwork and increasing efficiency
  • 24-hour exam, technology and training support
  • Rapid claims reimbursement
  • Building new customer/patient relationships
  • Serving Veterans in their community

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