LHI is now Optum Serve

Different name, unwavering commitment to those we serve.

Join the Program

Thank you for your interest in joining LHI to provide services to our Nation's Veterans.

Requirements for joining our network:

  • In-room computer and internet access
  • Commitment to complete program training
  • Facility is ADA compliant
  • Facility is an OSHA-compliant workplace

If you are able to provide appointment scheduling within 24 hours of request, we want to hear from you. You must be comfortable completing exam documentation online and willing to submit electronic records within 24 hours of exam completion.

LHI has a contractual obligation to credential every practitioner in our network. LHI's credentialing standards are robust and cover a wide range of services we offer, following industry standards. Credentialing with LHI is easily completed through our online gateway for all provider-related needs, which we call the Provider Portal.

Please complete the form and click Submit. You will be contacted by a recruiter for more detailed information.

Provide the following information to register your organization in our COVID-19 testing network.

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