Federal Court Upholds Contract Awards to LHI to Provide Medical Exams for Veterans Seeking Disability Benefits

A Federal court has upheld contract awards made by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to Logistics Health Incorporated (LHI) to provide medical exams for Veterans and separating Service members seeking disability benefits for service-connected health issues.

The Court of Federal Claims rejected protests to the initial LHI awards to provide the exams through the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) Medical Disability Examinations (MDE) program.

Under the contracts, LHI will assist the VA by providing medical disability examinations to Veterans in 41 states. The overall VA contract for these services in all areas covered under the program is valued at $6.8 billion. The contract is shared by several vendors and includes a one-year base period plus four option years. LHI has been supporting the VA since 2011 through the Veterans Health Administration’s Disability Exam Management program.

“LHI is deeply honored to be entrusted with the care of our nation’s heroes and helping them receive the benefits they’ve earned through their service to our country,” said LHI Chairman and Founder Don Weber.

LHI invites qualified practitioners to join in its mission as it expands its national care provider network. 

“We’re looking for practitioners who are experienced at performing compensation and pension exams,” explained Brian Hafner, LHI Chief Operations Officer. “This is a great opportunity for health care providers to expand their practice and give back to those who have served us.” 

Interested health care providers and practitioners should contact LHI at 866-933-VETS or go to our website for more information: www.logisticshealth.com